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Nokia Graffiti is a Finnish graffiti website, which has concentrated on bringing out graffiti art from Nokia.

Remember that painting graffiti is illegal without asking permission from the owner of the property. We do not encourage any crime. Mobile phones have done a commendable job to make communication a lot easier in the recent years. Every other day, we come to know about some new features of what our phones can do. With an internet access you can connect get an easy access to any country in the world.
Nokia has always been in the market of cell phones. This company made revolutions and changed our concept of how we look to our phones. Moreover, the best thing about Nokia is that they created one their phones that are affordable to everyone and enable us to buy phones that are in our budget.


The Lumia series has taken the market off the charts after they were first introduced. Starting from their affordable Lumia 520 to Lumia 1020, they did it all. The cheaper versions of the phone contain all the features that a smart phone should have. It gives access to all the popular applications and games. Their cheapest phone in the series is Nokia lumia 520; you can get it for a total of a hundred and thirty nine pounds. Choosing the one that is right for you can be a tricky job, however, you can look for the some extra features that might work for you. Moreover, choosing the right phone mainly depends on your budget.
Lumia 520 is quite edgy at the corners; however, it has a great grip. The covers are exchangeable. Despite of being the cheapest phone of the series, it is has got Nokia music, here map, etc. Moreover, it has got 8 GB internal memory, so that you can download all the fun applications and capture all the memorable moments of your life.
Next phone of the series is Nokia 620. It has got similar specs; however, it is visually more attractive than Lumia 520. The cover is much more comfortable to hold and carry. It is one of the choices if you are on a budget. The display is slightly smaller than the usual Lumia 520, but it has the same glossy screen. The rear camera is of 5 mega pixels.
Containing the best low light camera feature is the Lumia 720. This phone has a camera of 6.7 mega pixels. Next, is the Lumia 820, this one is one of the fastest phones having a total of 1.5 GHz. This phone also comes with the wireless charging facility.